Friday, March 26, 2010

Our 1st Homeschool Science Fair 2010!

This Friday my daughter got to participate in her 1st ever science fair. We had a blast. It was organized by one of our local homeschool groups. I must say that I was quite impressed by some of the creativity of the other students. Well if you have a science fair coming up in your area or you are thinking about hosting one for your homeschool group here are some wonderful resources I found along the way.

Science Fair Central

Janice VanCleave's Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects
Basically anything by Janice VanCleave is great for science fair type projects. Her books can be found at any local library.

All Science Fair Projects


Science Fair Adventure

Homeschool Science Tools
This site is a one stop shop for all homeschool science tools, kits, and supplies.


  1. This must have really been a great encouragement to the kids, as well.

    I am definitely going to show this post to my kids because they're getting really excited about science, too.

    Found your link in the Kid Cultivators group forum.

  2. Your blog is so nicely organized. I can only wish mine was so well laid out. I'll be checking out a bunch of your links. Thank you! :)


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