Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FREEBIE!! LEGO Club Jr. School Edition Magazine (First Grade)

Here is another Freebie I found! Enjoy

LEGO® Education and LEGO Club are proud to offer exclusive LEGO Club Jr. School Edition Magazines and LEGO Education Teacher's Guides to first-grade educators this fall!

These special publications continue the LEGO philosophy of providing children with products that promote imagination, pique curiosity, and enhance learning. Both focus on fire safety and provide important information on what these young learners should know in case of an emergency.

The LEGO Club Jr. School Edition Magazine is designed specifically for first graders. The edition includes exciting puzzles, comics, and games with a fire safety theme. These activities focus on basic reading, math, and critical-reasoning skills.

The LEGO Club Jr. School Edition Magazine combines the thrill of LEGO building with content that will help your students learn important safety tips - and best of all, it's FREE!

In addition, a custom LEGO Education Teacher's Guide will be sent with each magazine order. The guides are filled with hands-on activities, classroom tidbits, and articles about how you can create a LEGO SmartTM classroom for your students!

To recieve complimentary copies of the LEGO Club Jr. School Edition Magazine and Teacher's Guide, simply complete our online request form located at Lego Education.

For additional information or to inquire about other LEGO Education promotions, contact Debra at dsmith@LEGOeducation.us.

1st Day of School(LOL!)!

I just wanted to share some pics and a little short video on how our 1st day of the new semester went. We are year round schoolers but consider the beginning of our fall quarter usually around late Aug or beginning Sept. So this is our 1st day of the 2010- 2011 school year. Yeahhhh!
Well here are the highlights.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Great 1st day with Singapore Math!!! No more Tears!

Today was our 1st day "Back to Homeschool" even though we usually go all year I have had the last month off for curriculum and lesson planning. I was trying figure out for months what to do about math cause we just couldn't find a fit that was easy for me to teach and that she loved and grasped the concepts without breaking out into a crying episode. It was not a favorite subject in this house. Math always left us fustrated. I researched all kinds of programs at the Convention from Saxon, MathUSee, Rod and Staff, and one of my favorites to look at was Right Start. I ended up not going with RightStart cause it was out of my price range but that was a blessing in disguise cause thats when i went to the rainbow resource booth and walked into the World of Singapore Math. This is our 2nd grade year but I felt like my DD was more suited for the 1b level so that is what we are doing this year the 1b and 2a. We will probally get to 2b over the summer.

The instruction guide was well layed out and easy to follow. Most of the manipulatives I already had laying around or found at the dollar store. There is also a helpful yahoo group that had some great card games and number bond cards. Here is the link for anyone interested. She loved it and I am finally feeling like she is confident in math. Yeah Singapore. Oh and we are using the US edition for those who want to know. There are two versions US and Standard Edition(goes along with California State Math Standards Schedule)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Years Curriculum Choices!

So I went to my local homeschool conference with my list and came out victorious to the budget that I set forth before going. I can tell one of my favorite vendors this year was and usually is Rainbow Resource. They always have the best prices and whatever they don't bring with them if you order at the conference they offer free shipping. I still have some things that I am waiting to order because we have some used curriculum garage sales coming up soon but here is my list of what I plan on using for the 2010- 2011 school year.

You will notice there is no Bible subject this year. That is because my husband will be heading our Scripture study in the evenings  before bed. I think it is always a blessing and enriching experience when the dads get envolved.

2nd Grade Curriculum


Pathway Readers Busy Times Grade 2-1
Literature Lapbooks
Moving Beyond the Page "Charlotte's Web"
Moving Beyond the Page "One Day in the Tropical Rainforest"
Public Library Leveled Readers


Continue with Sequential Spelling level 1 moving into Sequential Spelling level 2
Spelling City for practice and fun review

Grammar(Writing and Grammar)

First Language Lessons level 1&2 by Susan Wise Bauer(we are on the 2nd part for this year)

Scott Foresman Grammar 2nd Grade


Singapore Math 1B and 2A
Mega Fun with Card Games by Scholastic
Soroban Japanese Abacus Class


Real Science Odyssey Life Science( using in COOP class)
Real Science Odyssey Earth and Sky(at home)
Nature Study

If for some reason I can't afford to order the Real Science Odyssey I can defintely go with the materials for year 1 and 2 science on Lesson Pathways.
History/ Geography

We have decided to do history by continent so this year we are starting in Africa. I hope to cover Ancient, Middle Ages, and some Early Modern.

Here is a starter list of the topics we are going to cover.

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Sudan
Ancient Kush(Ethiopia)
Kerma(Ancient Egyptian and Sudanese Kingdom)
Nok Sculpture( Nigeria)
Ife( Ancient Yourba City)
Meroe, Capitol of Kushite Empire
King Ezana
Kingdom of Ghana
Mali Kingdom
Sundiata Keita
Mansa Musa
Kente Cloth/ Mud Cloth
Kola nuts
Indian Ocean Trade
Dogon Tribe
Great Zimbabwe
Monomotapa Kingdom
Leo Africanus
Queen Nzinga
Shaka Zulu
Songhay Empire

We plan to use library materials for text as well as these other items:

Lesson Pathways yr. 4 history
Evan- Moor Africa(geography)
Timeline Notebook Paper
Laminated Maps
Various Lapbook/ Notebook pages from the resources on the left side of the blog

Physical Education

Daily Walks
African Dance Class
Possible Akido( martial arts class)
Park Day Playtime

COOP Class(we might be using Discovering Great Artist by khol)


Handwriting Without Tears 3rd grade Cursive


Canon Press Latin Primer I with CD's and Flash Cards

Foreign Language(Spanish)

We will use all free materials from:

Public Library online web tutorials
Free Internet Printouts
Free online Games

Preschool Curriculum

Now I have to give a disclaimer from the beginning for those of you who are just starting out in homeschooling. Please do not feel pressured to purchase or do an entire formal curriculum for your young learner. Every young child is different and some are not ready for formal instruction till much later like between 5- 7. So these are just some of things I already had left over from my older child with a few new other things added in to give me more so than my child a sense of structure. At this age I kind of follow a Montessori/ Charlotte Mason approach. I keep the lessons short and simple and we do lots of exploration learning and independent learning. Children learn best at this age through exploring their environment not by sitting and running through workbooks. But some children see there older siblings doing "Seat Work" and it makes them want to have some also so I feel like we should give them what they ask for in that respect. This is where we are with my 3 1/2 year old. He is interested in learning how to write letters, reading, and wants to learn and participate in math. Remember to relax if they don't exactly get it they are still young you have lots of time. Make it Fun!


Hooked of Phonics left over from older sibling
Starfall free phonics online program and printouts
Letter Tiles
Public Library Leveled Readers


Dry Erase Printing Practice board left over from older sibling
Kumon Uppercase and lower case letters
Sand Tray(Montessori item that I will make myself)


Mathematics with Unifix Cubes
Geometric Pattern Blocks


Real Science Odyssey Life Science( COOP Class) he will participate in the hands on lab part not the notebook pages.


Same as my 2nd grader but modified to fit his ability

I might just do lots of Read Alouds of African Myths and Fables like Anansi the Spider and do coloring pages and art projects

Foreign Language(Spanish)

We will use all free materials from:

Public Library online web tutorials
Free internet Printouts
Free online Games


COOP Class

Physical Education

Daily Walks
Park Days
Possible Akido(martial arts)

So here it is in a nutshell I think in all I will end up spending around $350.00 total for both children for the year. I have not added in the cost of the extra classes yet but if we take the sports and dance at the recreation center that gets things down a bit in price because we are residence. And that is also something I have asked the grandparents if they could pitch in on this years extracurriculars. Hopefully something comes through on that end. If not we can always get by on walking the trails at our parks and doing exercise OnDemand cable.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New School Year!

Its been a while since I made any post. Although we do homeschool year round I kind of took a summer break from blogging and posting things for a few months. Sometimes we just need to unplug for a while and enjoy that family that we sacrifice to stay home with you know. lol. Well coming soon I will be having some post about this years Covention and what we have selected for curriculum this year as well as changes in the way we approach learning in our home. So be on the look out for that. Hope everyones summer has been going well. Enjoy those teacheable moments!
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