Monday, August 30, 2010

Great 1st day with Singapore Math!!! No more Tears!

Today was our 1st day "Back to Homeschool" even though we usually go all year I have had the last month off for curriculum and lesson planning. I was trying figure out for months what to do about math cause we just couldn't find a fit that was easy for me to teach and that she loved and grasped the concepts without breaking out into a crying episode. It was not a favorite subject in this house. Math always left us fustrated. I researched all kinds of programs at the Convention from Saxon, MathUSee, Rod and Staff, and one of my favorites to look at was Right Start. I ended up not going with RightStart cause it was out of my price range but that was a blessing in disguise cause thats when i went to the rainbow resource booth and walked into the World of Singapore Math. This is our 2nd grade year but I felt like my DD was more suited for the 1b level so that is what we are doing this year the 1b and 2a. We will probally get to 2b over the summer.

The instruction guide was well layed out and easy to follow. Most of the manipulatives I already had laying around or found at the dollar store. There is also a helpful yahoo group that had some great card games and number bond cards. Here is the link for anyone interested. She loved it and I am finally feeling like she is confident in math. Yeah Singapore. Oh and we are using the US edition for those who want to know. There are two versions US and Standard Edition(goes along with California State Math Standards Schedule)


  1. Math without tears is a good thing!! I love when it clicks with mom and student! Makes for a good time!
    We also went "back" in our curriculum, I love them mastering or getting it so much more than a check on a page, that it was done!
    I love the peace from your pictures! You encouraged me this morning.

  2. This is our second year of using Singapore with our second grader and I have been very pleased with it. It's not expensive and I like how easy it is to teach but it's not goofy. This year I started my kindergartener on it too.
    I found your blog when I was researching lapbooking (saw your video on youtube) and found The Well-Trained Mind through your recommendation. We love it and are so excited about having a roadmap laid out for an excellent education. Thanks!

  3. I have been using rightstart for several years. (it's all I've used) For all I want to accomplish, it's a little time intensive. How long does singapore take you? Is it workbook based? Thanks, love your blog!


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