Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FREEBIE!! LEGO Club Jr. School Edition Magazine (First Grade)

Here is another Freebie I found! Enjoy

LEGO® Education and LEGO Club are proud to offer exclusive LEGO Club Jr. School Edition Magazines and LEGO Education Teacher's Guides to first-grade educators this fall!

These special publications continue the LEGO philosophy of providing children with products that promote imagination, pique curiosity, and enhance learning. Both focus on fire safety and provide important information on what these young learners should know in case of an emergency.

The LEGO Club Jr. School Edition Magazine is designed specifically for first graders. The edition includes exciting puzzles, comics, and games with a fire safety theme. These activities focus on basic reading, math, and critical-reasoning skills.

The LEGO Club Jr. School Edition Magazine combines the thrill of LEGO building with content that will help your students learn important safety tips - and best of all, it's FREE!

In addition, a custom LEGO Education Teacher's Guide will be sent with each magazine order. The guides are filled with hands-on activities, classroom tidbits, and articles about how you can create a LEGO SmartTM classroom for your students!

To recieve complimentary copies of the LEGO Club Jr. School Edition Magazine and Teacher's Guide, simply complete our online request form located at Lego Education.

For additional information or to inquire about other LEGO Education promotions, contact Debra at dsmith@LEGOeducation.us.


  1. Thanks for the post. I re-posted it on my blog and placed a link for ya!

  2. Can't get enough of free stuff. lol! Your welcome.

  3. My son is 2nd grade, but I have a pre-schooler who loves to build things, and I plan to share these with friends, as well.

    Thank you!


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