Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Homeschool Room!!


So we just moved from an apartment to a nice townhouse with upstairs downstairs. Yeah, I am so excited!! We have a little more space and we have a garage and deck on the back which we didn't have at our last place so I really have been enjoying homeschooling in our new space. But we still don't have an extra bedroom or family room or basement to dedicate to homeschool but we have made a great use of the dinning room space. I just wanted to share some pics with you of how I set things up. This year each child has there own bookshelf with school related books and a bin for there library pics. They oldest two also have a plastic drawer tote for extra notebooks and art supplies and paper. My toddler has her own shelf as well with her board books and some montessori friendly items on her shelf so she feels included in on the schooling as well. Makes for an easier day when toddlers have something to do as well. So here they are. Tell me what you think?

My 2nd Graders Shelf

My Kindergarteners Shelf

Toddlers Shelf

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