Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homeschoolers at the Capitol Day!!!

Yesterday my family and I went to visit the Georgia State Capitol. It was our first time going. Our local state homeschool organization GHEA has a Homeschoolers at the Capitol Day annually. It is a time when we as tax paying voters get to make our voice and presence known to those who propose and make laws for our states. Laws that can possibly effect our Right to Homeschool. Its also an opportunity for our children to see how our local branches of government conduct themselves. You might be lucky enough to attend during a session in which case you can sit in with your child and have them observe the process. You can even make an appointment to speak with your Governor or Congressman and thank then them for continuing to support homeschoolers just so they see your face and know you are a voice. It can make the difference when legislature that is not favorable to homeschoolers comes along.

One of our local Homeschool Bands Joyful Noise from Marrietta, Ga performed on the Capitol steps. It was great. They had a Jazz Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Recorder band(younger children), and Chorus. We flooded the capitol it was so many of us but as always with the homeschool crowd everyone was polite and orderly.

Visits to the State Capitol are free and depending on what time of the year it is they have different specialty guided tours to sign up for. It is a good field trip idea for homeschoolers on a tight budget.

There was a Capitol Museum on the upper level of the building which was great. We got to see exhibits on our local wildlife, waterways, and industries. We also were able to see exhibits depicting the history of voting in our state as well as some background on some of our most famous people. This being Georgia and all I guess I should not have been surprised to see a painting of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the 1st floor of the capitol building in the same hall as all the past Governors. After all he was from Atlanta, Ga. We also saw some things on Jimmy Carter our 39th president who is from Plains, Ga. Ironically he grew up on a peanut farm and that happens to be a our state Crop. lol!

Well just look for opportunities like this in your local area to band together with the homeschool community for Capitol Day. A way to find out what's going on in your local area is to visit the HSLDA website and look for your states homeschool association. They should be able to tell you when your states Capitol Day is.


  1. Thank you for joining my blog. Your blog is informative. My 4 year old is doing HOP now and he is flying through the program. It is amazing how well HOP works. Although they recommend it for children a little older both my boys started reading at 3.

  2. oh,it looks like you guys had a blast:)

  3. Our day is upcoming in early April. I've never been, but this year my son has volunteered to speak, so I guess we'll be up there for the first day. I am worried about spending the day with 6 children in a different city, but I think it's important, and should be good for us. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. what a great idea! maybe we will do capitol day too.


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