Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Language Arts and Reading in Our home

Language Arts is such a broad spectrum of subjects. When I hear language arts I think of Grammar, Spelling, Phonics, Handwriting, Reading Comprehension, and Vocabulary. Now at this phase of learning I don't think it is necessary to cover all these things but to add in one at a time when they show signs of readiness for that. Also some of these that fall under the umbrella of Language arts might not even be necessary in a home learning environment. Like for instance Reading comprehension can be replaced with narration. And I have known quite a bit of homeschoolers who never use a formal vocabulary curriculum simply because they are constantly being expose to vocab that can be explained by there parent all day through there read alouds and classic childrens literature. But here is the run down on what we use.

1st grade

1st Language Lessons by Susan Wise Bauer
supplimented with SF Reading Grammar Online

Sequential Spelling level 1

A Reason For Handwriting

We done with it but we completed the entire
Hooked On Phonics- It was a great sucess for our family. Another great program I heard about but haven't used is Phonics Pathways and you can use Bob Books and Pathway Readers for the books part.

Literature and Reading
We have our own list that I have compiled but we also read from the
Ambleside Online List level 1
and Classical Christian Homeschool booklist also


and we just started the Hooked On Phonics(no pushing just introducing it)- most children start phonics and dont get the blend part until they hit a certain level of development when they stop seeing a word like Cat as C- at instead of Cat. Usually this happens around 4 or 5 for some it could be as late as 6. So if you are starting phonics don't worry if they dont seem to be able to put it all together right away. Just stay consistant with lessons and keep them SHORT.

Tracing letter WS- we bought a few workbooks from Walmart. We might do a couple of week whenever he wants to do school.

Literature and Reading
We do lots of read alouds. For him we use our own list and the list at
Simply Charlotte Mason

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