Friday, June 24, 2011

The Super Mom Myth!

After homeschooling for a few years now I notice that I am no longer being hit with the socialization questions anymore. The focus is now on how much of a "Supermom" I am for taking on all that responsibility. So many moms like to say how they could never do what I do cause they are not "Supermom" like me. They tell me how they struggle with what they think are the smallest of task like potty training or cooking meals and they somehow think I have never been where they have been and I have it all together. My response to this is are you kidding me. I am a real life mom I don't play one on T.V. Every mom has her struggles. What I really think folks neglect to realize is that every mom has there strengths as well. We really need to to as women and mothers stop comparing ourselves to others cause the area that I am blessed in might not be the area you are blessed in. But you know what we are all blessed and we can all be a blessing to our husbands and children.

I am a big believer in playing to ones strengths. I am a very analytical thinker and I am good at planning and creating structure. So I have been able to bless our homeschool with this gift to help us reach our goals. But at the same time I struggle with clutter and completing household task in a timely fashion. I may be able to create a homeschool curriculum from scratch for free or make homemade bread but my laundry sits for days before I get around to putting it away. I also struggle with staying consistent with my prayer time as well. But you know that may not be my strong suite but that doesn't mean I can't learn or acquire new skills to help improve on what is already naturally there. I have some sister friends who are good in these areas where I am not and we are able to pick each others brains and lift each other up in encouragement.

I think we all have something to offer and at the same time we need to realize its never too late to learn either. "Supermom" is a myth. Just like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny we have to let go.


  1. Great post! I think its good for us to acknowlege our weak areas. I too am not the best when it comes to home organization. However I have seen tremedous growth in that area. I am by no means a super mom but being happy in my place at home has allowed me to grow in ways that I never thought I would.

  2. Thanks Tiffany, I am just hoping that more moms who need it will start to get the support they need weather it be a pep talk every now and then or an actual extra set of hands. lol!

  3. First of all, I love your new blog background :-)
    And hats off to you for pointing out that we all have weaknesses as well as strengths, and we all have the ability to work on our weaknesses and get better.
    You are a true leader for helping other women to see that.
    Oh, and one last thing...I have been reading over your curriculum list for next year and had a few questions.
    We are considering Sequential Spelling and Writing Strands for our 4th grader next year. What's your take on these programs? I have never really used an official "spelling program" for long (we started with a Steck Vaughn one year and dismissed it after a few months). As for writing, I heard that Institute for Excellence in Writing is REALLY good, but extremely difficult for one to teach amidst many other subjects (hence our thoughts to try Writing Strands). Is it a fairly thorough writing program? Quick lessons or long?
    Last question: we are currently using Saxon math, and I love the thoroughness of it. I don't feel we can go wrong with it (it has plenty of review with each lesson and 5/4 lessons are quick). But dd is getting a bit bored with the approach. How do you like Singapore? Would you think of it as more of a "filler" math or do you use it as a standalone program? Are the lessons long? Interesting and engaging?
    Okay, I know I've asked a TON...and if you prefer not to answer all this on your blog that's ok. But email me if you wish: demetria *at* demetriazinga dot com. Thanks!

  4. Wow. I am glad I found your blog. I am so encouraged. New follower. :)


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