Thursday, March 17, 2011

Think About It Thursday: Zero Waste!

So I was on one of my homeschooling social networks and came across this video and blog.

Zero Waste Video

Zero Waste Blog

Zero Waste Website

Here are my thoughts after watching it. Tell me what you think.

I am not trying to be to synincal but these folks arent doing anything that my grandparents haven't already done when I was coming up. I grew up not throwing things away, buying in bulk, having a backyard garden, shopping the local meat market instead of major chain, passing down clothes and shopping thrift. It wasn't called Green or Zero Waste back then it was called Survival in a large middle/ low income family. lol!

Don't get me wrong I am glad more folks are returning to this lifestyle of our not so distance past. It really is the the 30- 40 something generation of today that got far removed from this way of living. We are usually the first generations of our family to have huge square foot homes before we even have children. We were the first of our families to live off prepackaged convience foods and eating out more than on a special occiasion. I am not saying having nice things is wrong but what this generation lost touch with is Restraint. You notice the family on the video didn't even realize that they room in there life to save more money just by wasting less. So many folks got caught off gaurd with the Economic Crisis and didnt have savings to back up on because they lived in the now instead of planning for tommorow like our parents and grandparents.

We need to get back to a more generational family living situation as well that way we would be in a position to learn from our elders. I think as an added benefit of homeschooling we have an opportunity to reconnect those family bonds where our children will turn to us for guidance and advice about life. So if we have a healthy mindset ourselves and teach good principals we have now changed the lives of not only our children but our grandchildren as well.

I will get off my soapbox now. lol!


  1. I just made a very similar post in a group on facebook.

  2. Did your post spark some interesting conversation? I know that some folks have a problem with the whole wasteful topic to begin with cause they can feel judged.

  3. I personally feel that the "green"/"no waist" movement is just another marketing gimmick. I really had to laugh at the video because they BOUGHT a compost bucket, we made ours from salvaged pallets, and I really wonder what they do with the compost, they plainly stated they shop at the farmers market, no mention of a garden (I think they would have stated that). We recycle, we repurpose items, we shop at thrift stores, we have a garden, I teach my children "waist not want not" but we do these things because we actually ENJOY them, not because there "cool". Thank you so much for the post Erin, and I completely agree with you, it's so nice to know that there is someone who stands for the same things I hold dear (where I live people have very different views and I get some not so nice remarks). I really do wish we could go back to a simpler time, when the things that where important where not bought or charge or borrowed, they where earned.


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