Thursday, March 24, 2011

Think About It Thursday: Homeschool Gardening

One benfit we have as homeschool families is that we get the opportunity to influence our children just from the shear amount of time we get to spend with our children. Well most homeschoolers take the opportunity to train there children spiritually, some take it as an opprtunity to work on character and other social related issues. Homeschooling also presents an opportunity to help our children develop a healthy lifestyle. You have the chance to take field trips to local gardens, farms, factories, etc.. And show your children where there food comes from. Why not take it a step further and take the opportunity to grow some of your own food. We already know as parents that kids love to get down in the dirt so this can be a good way to show them how to be constructive with an activity they already love.

This endevore does not have to be overwhelming. Trust me I was totally overwhelmed at the thought of growing a garden. I mean  I am from that new generation that doesn't have a green thumb between us. My grandmother keep a garden but that was the extent of my experience with food growing was watching her in the yard as a small child. My mother(love her very much) was a buy from the store don't show me where it comes from type of gal. So I really didn't begin to gain my food knowledge till I was an adult. I want my children to grow up with this lost knowledge of our not so distant past. So we are going to grow a small gardern.

Now a word on space before we get started. We live in a townhouse and have a shared backyard with our neighbors so we can't grow anything in the ground but you know we have a deck and can put a couple containers out there. And like I said before I am coming from zero experience so this is going to be an adventure for the whole family. I these easy pop up containers at Sam's Club for under $40 that I am going to get and we will go from there. Its a little more online cause they include the shipping but they have them in stores. I also found this cool little video on youtube that shows you have to sprout your seeds in toliet paper rolls. Take a look:

So consider growing a garden for the Spring/Summer. Its a great homeschool project the whole family can enjoy. I will defintely post pics and updates as we get started on the project this coming week.


  1. This is our second season with our garden. We're fortuante enough to have a huge backyard, so we've built a couple of raised boxes for planting. Last year we just did tomatoes and herbs. This year we're getting brave and planted lettuce, spinach, basil, carrots, potatoes, sunflowers and onions. Hopefully we'll get at least a small harvest (because my thumb is purple if anything). My oldest daughter is very dedicated to her little farm, so she will get something to grow.

  2. i love my garden! & in turn my kiddies do too. it's a family thing. they love going out & bringing in dinner from our yard. & we all love experimenting with whatever produce they bring in. starting their own plants from seeds gives them such confidence & sense of responsibility...u'd be surprised. aside from the fun of getting dirty there are soooo many lessons out in the garden also. HAVE FUN ;)

  3. I can't wait for me the kiddos to get out there this coming week and start our garden. I just know this will really help not only with our studies(i.e. botany) but it will probaly cut down some grocery bills cause we can pick from outside instead of the store. I am hopping we can do some canning this fall as well. We never done that before either. Its so great to be able to learn things together as a family.

  4. We did a garden last year and had tons of problem with our beloved doggies thinking it was her new dirt bed!! I would like to do a raised planter this year but my carpenter skills are pretty!!

    Thanks for sharing the great ideal of planting seeds in toilet paper rolls. Absolute genuis!!

  5. This is great! I don't have a green thumb at all but I love the container idea. We've already began sprouting a few things. We got a corn seed to sprout by just using a moist cotton ball and ziploc bag!

  6. @ Melissa. We sprouted corn like that for an experiement earlier this year. I forgot that if you put that down in soil you can grow a corn plant. Thanks for the tip.


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