Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Supercharged Science Course!

Two months ago we had the privilege of joining in on a web based Free Astronomy Class hosted by Aurora Lipper at Supercharged Science. It was awesome to say the least. Ms. Aurora went through the entire solar system starting with the sun and including nebula's, black holes,  major constellations, and even the best times of day to view the sky for certain things without a telescope.  What I liked best about her teaching style is that she is very interactive and instead of dumbing things down for a younger audience she just explains thoroughly to bring kids up to her level. So I recommend her eclasses for all ages even adults.

Now she does offer a Trial 1 Month Membership to the site after the free class. Its just $1.00 for the 30 days. It cost more after that though. We went ahead and signed up for the trial. For signing up we received a free DVD with lots of great information on how to use the site and easy to do at home experiments to help get your feet wet into the Supercharged Science way.

The Site set up hits many different learning styles. In each unit she includes an article of text, a instructional video with step by step experiment, and a pdf file of downloable printable textbook  and lesson plan materials.

Although my 7yr old and I thoroughly enjoyed our Supercharged Science experience I have to say that I think that a middle school or high school level child would gain the most benefit from the program.

Even if you are not able to sign up for a membership at this time don't forget to sign up for the free weekly newsletters chalked full of great information and sometimes a heads up on a free presentation of webcourse offer.

As far as worldview from what I can gather from the one live class that we took and the experiment videos and articles I cannot see an overtly creationist nor darwinistic worldview. She seems to be just shooting straight science. But do not quote me on that please call and ask yourself if you have a particular worldview that you want to make sure the curriculum would be a good fit for.


  1. I wondered about her classes! We aren't anywhere near that age yet, but I am glad that I now know that someone likes her. Maybe we will have the money when we are ready for it.

  2. Make sure to sign up for the enewsletter they have afree class coming up this weds so you can see what they are like.


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