Thursday, April 22, 2010

Math Woes!!!

So its about that time of year where it seems like all the progress we made and curriculum we plugged through in math is beginning to unravel. I mean its sometimes as if nothing was retained. But I know that is not true its just like with anything else you do systematically every day burnout will eventually set in.

Now I must ask myself what do we do to bring these numbers back to life. At first I was drawing blanks. Then I thought to myself why not just x out the textbook for a while and do some creative stuff. I was thinking maybe we could do some file folder games, card games, computer games, grocery store trips, straight manipulative play, and whatever else I come across. I have been doing some searches for resources and I have even came across a set of living books that are for math. And I found that my local library carries them. I have been on the forums and message boards for homeschoolers lately and it seems that I am not alone in my year end math madness. There have been even dozens of blog post popping up about this same subject. Here are some links to ones I found helpful:

Epi Kardia
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One of the other reasons I feel like we are having difficulty with math is because I don't think our curriculum is a great match for my learner. My daughter is a young first grader and this year we have been using Horizons k from Alpha Omega Publishing. She started mid summer on the 1st book and is now finishing the 2nd book and should be done some time this week. I mean Horizons is a wonderful program and I highly recommend it for early elementary grades but it might not have been as conceptually strong as I needed it to be for my child.

We have been looking into using MathUSee from Steve Demi this next go round. I went on the website and watched the Demistration as they call it and I think its exactly what we need. It uses a See, Say, Do method. Meaning you see the problem with the manipulative's, you verbally express the the problem, then you write the expression. They use lots of word problems as well. I have read tons of reviews this far. Most all who have used it are great fans of the program. I have also read it is a great program for those who follow a Classical style or Charlotte Mason approach which makes it another plus for me. So now lets pray we receive the funds to get the ball rolling.


  1. I, too, have heard good things about the Math-U-See program. I have viewed the first two levels of the program and think that they teach things in a very systematic way. Let me know how things work out for you. I haven't committed to it, yet. :D

  2. Right now I'm still using the core knowledge curriculum.

  3. Hi THERE it is lois visiting u from
    I liked Math u see it is very helpful in breaking down concepts. We used it for one year and then switched to abeka and teaching textbooks. I am less CM methods here so the one subject topic @ a time was not good for us...a year of fractions my kids did....ugh

    Math u see is excellent if u plan to stick to it for several years in my estimation. We lost a year for my younger kid since she took too much time doing the addition book and when we tested her for another online class she couldn't takle the topics we had not dealt with for the year of addition subtraction. They have a little review but not enough for her to remember....

    my 2cents
    see ya @


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