Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ancient Egypt Unit Study

As I posted previously. In History/ Georgrapy we are doing a large 12 week Unit Study on Ancient Egypt. Right now we are just 2 weeks into the unit and I wanted to share with you some of the FREE resources I have found here online.

Here is a link for printout and suggested readings at my favorite resource Homeschool share

Suggested Library List

Who Was King Tut? by Roberta EdwardsUsborne

Who Built the Pyramids? by Jane Chisholm & Struan Reid

Pyramids! by Avery Hart & Paul Mantell

Projects About Ancient Egypt by David C. King

Adventures in Ancient Egypt by Linda Bailey

Pyramid by David Macaulay

Tutankhamen's Gift by Robert Sabuda

Tut's Mummy Lost and Found by Judy Donnelly

The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw

Cleopatra by Diane Stanley

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses by Henry Barker

Egyptian Treasures (CD) by Jim Weiss

The Magic Tree House Research Book – Mummies and Pyramids by Mary Pope Osborne

Also I for older children I found this resource to be of great assistance at Homeschool Helper Online:

Suggest Library List

The Best Book of Mummies by Philip Steele 1st-3rd

Voices of Ancient Egypt by Kay Winters, Barry Moser 3rd-6th

Egypt: A to Z by Jeff Reynolds (non-fiction) 4th-6th

The Story of the Nile by Anne Millard 4th-6th

Daily Life in Ancient and Modern Cairo by Joan Barghusen (culture) 4th-8th

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt by Usborne (non-fiction) 4th-9th

Glorious Past: Ancient Egypt, Ethiopia, and Nubia by Earnestine Jenkins (events) 7th-9th

Egyptian Princess by George Ebers (historical fiction) 10th-12th

Here is the breakdown in which we are going to study this Ancient Civilization.

Ancient Egypt


People (Kings, Queens, Other important people) 6 lessons 3 weeks
Places (Capitol city, land forms, bodies of water, landmarks)
6 lessons 3 weeks
Culture (Religion, government, food, clothing, art, music)
6 lessons 3 weeks
Events (Wars, Death, Pivotal turning points) 6 lessons 3 weeks

Total= 24 lessons, 12 weeks

Other Completed Lapbook Photos from the web:


  1. We did the same project last year when we studied Egypt. Mine kept eating the sugar, too - very cute. Somewhere I have the link for a very nice 3D paper pharoah model if you're interested.

  2. Yes Adrienne , That sounds cool. Please share the link if you still have it. Also do you have any pics to share from your study last year. I would love to share a link to it from my blog.

  3. Here is the link for the paper model. It's pretty simple to assemble and the kids really enjoyed it.

    I will have hunt through the thousands of pictures I have to see if there are any from the Egypt lesson....better yet, I will share some photos on my blog of past lessons/activities.

  4. Lots of pictures posted on my blog. Stop by and check them out.


  6. Our son is 13, diagnosed with autism and is a kinetic learner. Whenever possible, we build paper models when we study either a historical or geographical topic. I have found quite a few useful paper models on Canon Creative Park, a website that has science, architectural, and toy paper models. Not only have I printed files for homeschooling, but also for gifts! One problem you may have with the models are the tiny pieces though! Sometimes, I have had to cut out and glue sections or entire models because of the pieces being so small! Too small for our son to be able to really handle. Sometimes, if you don't get a certain piece just so, other pieces won't fit right. Hope this link helps you as much as it's helped us.


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