Monday, June 25, 2012

Curriculum Confusion Solved! Prairie Primer!

So the Most High has spoken. I recently attended a Used Homeschool Curriculum Sale put on by a local Church Homeschool Ministry. Its amazing that last year I was able to go on the last day and clean up but this year I got there like 30 mins after it started on the first day and it was packed like a Tuna can and it was hard to find all my stuff. So I still have to purchase a few things for math. But I looked down on one of the tables and there it was. I saw the Prairie Primer which retails for about $50.00 brand new for $20.00 and it looked to be in really good condition. So now I know why you are suppose to pray on what curriculum to use. Cause it really helps to lead you in your decision making. Especially at a big sale like that or even at those huge Convention halls. So I am so excited to begin our Journey using the Primer. For those who are interested you can go back and take a look at my post called Curriculum Confusion where I give the money breakdown and some links for the Primer.
I had a subscriber that wanted to know how was then going to fit CC(Classical Conversations) at Home into my schedule if we are going to start the Primer. Well I decided to leave the CC Foundations for Summer Session only. Each Cycle is 24 weeks. We are scheduled to hit Week 24 somewhere around October. We typically start new curriculum in September since we are year round homeschoolers but this year we will start The Prairie Primer in October after we finish our CC Cycle 1. And we will pick up on Cycle 2 in the summer coming. So it works out. Right now I am mapping out our resources needed for the Primer and planning my weekly schedules. I will defintely update you on that as I get it all together. I plan on including a Supplimental African American reading list to go along with the Primer which covers such history topics as The Gold Rush, Civil War, Lousian Purchase, Western Pioneers, Native American history, Woman's Suffrage, etc...
There are some awesome places and people to cover. I will share those in a separate post to come. I am still developing the list now.

One thing I can say about the Primer is that it is full of projects and lots of lessons. I am going to have to try not to do everything but pick just the things that will give us a basic overview due to my childrens ages. We can possibly revisit the Primer again in Jr. High or High School years for even further study. That is why I love Unit Study based curricula cause they are so easy to adapt for many age groups. In house with 4 children and counting(lol! Hey you never know) its good to invest in resuable programs or programs that span large age groups.

Here is a video clip of what I was able to get at the booksale. I forgot like 2 or 3 items in this one but you get the jist.


  1. I'm so jealous! You already have your curriculum for next year planned. Ours is partly, but as we're doing a kitchen overhaul I'm living in chaos so the book purchases and organization will have to wait a bit.

    I just started following you. Come visit us at You'll probably like our free printables and lesson plans.

    1. Wow! What a wonderful Blog all full of Goodies. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing it with me. This is my typical planning period for the year. I school year round but we go into a cool down mode during the summer so that is when I try to get things planned for the following year. This year I have also been revamping things as well. SO I have had it on my mind for months. lol! You know how it is when you know you want to fix something so you get into research mode.

    2. Your blog is so inspiring. I learned of your homeschool blog through Natural Homeschooling blog. It's nice to feel connected to others who have decided to educate their children. I'm not alone. YaaY :)

  2. Four kids and counting, uh oh, is there an announcement on the horizon. LOL. That's wonderful that you have found what you need and that it works perfectly in your schedule. I need to get busy with more planning but I keep getting distracted.

    1. lol! Oh no announcement. I just know its always around when my babies start eating a lot of solids that I get back fertile. lol! You never know. I wish I could be like a friend of mine and have my whole year planned out by day but I have never gotten to that point. Plus I kind of like a weekly schedule more than daily cause I dont feel stressed to get stuff done on certain days. I like your idea of semesters or quarters. I was thinking about that when my oldest gets a few years older.

  3. Lucky you, I wish they had homeschool sales close to me...

  4. I am so happy I found your blog! Looking forward to reading through it!

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